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News and Comment January 2012

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2 January (Part 1) - In the dark at The Black Horse

The Black HorseSidcup Community Group members are still taking a very close interest in the demolition of the historic Black Horse in Sidcup High Street. Mysteriously the planning documents are not available on line but they have been inspected by a SCG member. She reported a few days ago that “planning permission has still not been issued for the demolition of the Black Horse facade. This is waiting for a Section 126 Agreement to be signed by the Applicant. This is to settle what is to be put in its place. However the facade is long gone”. (†)

The documents include the following mysterious statement…

Planning ref: 11/01942/ADV - Provision of 3 non-illuminated signs, 6 non-illuminated floodlights, 2 non-illuminated up/down lights, and led lighting at parapet.

Does anyone know what a non-illuminated floodlight is?

† The lady concerned believes that the document has now been signed (six weeks after the facade was demolished without formal permission) but that it remains the case that no information is available on the website nor have “interested parties” been notified.


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