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News and Comment January 2012

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3 January (Part 1) - WANTED!

An idea nicked from another London blog… A list of 2011’s top search engine key words leading to Bonkers. Popular searches like Thames Innovation Centre and “pitchforks” are excluded leaving only the highest ranked proper names.


1. Chris Loynes
2. Eva Read
3. Sandra Bauer
4. James Hunt
5. Alex Sawyer
6. D I Keith Marshall
7. Chris Taylor
8. Commander Stringer
9. Chief Inspector Gowen
10. Nick Ferrari
11. Teresa O’Neill
12. Aileen Beckwith
13. Colin Campbell
14. Melvin Seymour
15. Toni Ainge
16. Will Tuckley
17. Boris Johnson
18. Gareth Bacon
19. Tina Brooks
20. Munir Malik

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