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News and Comment January 2012

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3 January (Part 2) - Abbey Road, Belvedere

Councillor Peter Craske Abbey Road flooded The B213 from Abbey Wood to Lower Belvedere has a special place in this website’s history because it was the lies told by councillor Craske’s cronies to justify its mutilation that caused the site to be launched in September 2009. Now that the road is so narrow (a further 200 metres from the site of the photograph) that drivers have little option but to put their wheels in the gutter, wet days are especially perilous to pedestrians.

This morning being a wet one I saw a young woman drenched from head to foot by a 469 bus. She loudly shouted “bastard” at the driver. I should have told her who is the real villain of the piece. Guess who signed off the plans and ignored every single one of the objections.

Note: The problem that caused this particular puddle has now been fixed but similar ones exist. The one next to the bus stop causes chaos.


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