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News and Comment January 2012

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4 January (Part 1) - How many crooks does it take to make a council?

Ian Clement performing community service“The Council’s Standards Committee agreed unanimously that Councillors voluntarily undergo a criminal record check”. That was Bexley council’s answer when asked what precautions it took to “ensure that no serving councillor has a criminal record”. Rather than immediately interpret the answer as “none” a further question was asked. “How many councillors refused to voluntarily undergo a criminal record check on being elected at the last Council Election?” Answer : “The information is confidential. No record is kept of the applications submitted by Councillors to the Criminal Records Bureau.”

Keeping ‘No record’ confidential seems a rather strange concept but at least you have an answer… Bexley council does not take any effective steps to ensure that it is not comprised of a bunch of crooks.


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