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News and Comment January 2012

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6 January (Part 2) - Digital dimwits

There was a questionnaire in yesterday’s Telegraph designed to discover if readers were too reliant on digital technology and whether it was taking over their lives. Addiction scores up to 25 were rated ‘Low’. I scored six. No laptop, no mobile phone, no MP3 player, no i-This or i-That. I know my way about HTML and CSS code and a bit of Javascript and that’s my lot! Twitter and Facebook are all foreign territory so if anything interesting goes on there I rely on others to tip me off. Yesterday I received such a tip off. It said that a new Twitter account called @BillTheFacts had sprung up and was putting out pro-Bexley council propaganda and labelling me a BNP supporter and laying in to Notomob too.

True or FalseI’m told that @BillTheFacts did not get the welcome he expected and deleted his account before I was able to look for myself. It was speculated that someone at Bexley council was not at all pleased that the News Shopper sought my opinion on an important matter. I can understand that. I would have preferred a different headline because it was a little mischievous and true only if you allowed the reporter a little poetic licence. As for the article being a boost for the website, it has been something of a let down, the hits have flat-lined all week. What pushes website hits through the roof is Bexley council calling in their military wing and getting them to trump up some charge like “Criticising councillors” or standing outside a shop with a cardboard sign. Perhaps Bonkers will be so blessed before too long.

Last weekend someone told me that there are two schools of thought at Bexley council; those who think I should be banged up as soon as possible and a smaller number who think I will eventually go away. The latter are of course right, I am 68 years old but whilst my younger colleagues are comfortable with an i-Phone and a Kindle they are clueless when faced with a page of HTML code. What I would really like is for Bexley council to stop providing so much news of a dubious nature with which to berate them. Bonkers would wither and die instead of growing bigger by the day.


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