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News and Comment January 2012

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10 January - Without lawful reason

Mr. Mick Barnbrook has been trying to find out why Bexley council issued me with a Harassment Letter in April 2011. It was him who established, but only after the intervention of the Information Commissioner, that it was Chief Executive Will Tuckley who told the police what they had to do. Since then Mick has been trying to find out if he had a lawful reason. All he could get out of Bexley council is “The evidence of harassment can be found by accessing the Bexley-is-bonkers website”. That is not specific and not very helpful. Which bit of the site? So Mr. Barnbrook appealed against Bexley council’s non-answer. He has now got a further response.

After much consideration Bexley council has said that the reason Will Tuckley told the police to issue the letter is contained in this extract from the letter…
Harassment letter
So another silly answer.

• “Blogs posted on this website criticise the way Bexleyheath Council is run by Councillors.” Well no actually; blogs posted on this website criticise the way Bexley council is run by councillors. Is that against the law?
• “Some of the content criticises Councillors on a personal level.” Is there any other way to do it? Unless names are omitted which is not very useful. If they are upset at things like the list of Craske’s lies the answer is simple - stop lying. If councillor Val Clarke is ridiculed for writing silly letters about parsimonious appreciation, then mayors shouldn’t act like dictatorial idiots.
• “No attempt has been made by yourself as the owner of this website to monitor comments posted.” What is that all about? I think it is a reference to Olly Cromwell who received a similar letter about posting on this website. He has never done that so the third of Bexley council’s allegations is totally false.
• “The content and tone of these blogs has caused considerable alarm and must stop.” I suppose if you are one of the councillors who are in it for themselves rather than the public good, waking up each morning not knowing if it is your turn to be featured for some act unworthy of anyone in public office, maybe it does. The solution is for those councillors to act in the public interest; honestly, not shelter criminals, not condone law breaking. Did Ian Clement ever pay for what he did with Bexley’s credit card? Who brushed that one under the carpet Mr. Tuckley? Who is busy hiding a criminal right now?

Appeal letterHere is the best answer Bexley council can come up with about why they felt it necessary to call in favours from their military wing. It would seem that Will Tuckley for all his near quarter million salary package cannot come up with a better reason for his actions than what the police said on his behalf.

Incidentally, the blog about ‘parsimonious appreciation’ was published the day after Will Tuckley leaned on his policemen friends and the Craske page much later - 23 August.


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