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News and Comment January 2012

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11 January (Part 1) - He would say that wouldn’t he?

I have always believed that council leader Teresa O’Neill and her right hand man Will Tuckley would be hopping mad about their people writing obscene blogs and that is why they lost no time in hunting down the culprit(s) as soon as they got to hear of it. The blog content disappeared within hours of them getting on to the case. However I now know that Mr. Tuckley is denying any involvement in righting the wrong. All coincidence he is telling people - I have seen the letter saying so. I don’t believe for a moment he knew of the blog before I told him about it and now he is asking me to believe that its disappearance at that very moment is entirely coincidental. Obviously he has to say that or he effectively admits to knowing who is responsible, but please don’t ask many to believe you Will.

You are the man who denied under the Freedom of Information Act that you were aware of any investigation into a crime by Bexley council and had that claim of innocence blown out of the water by DC Neil Thomson who reported that he had called in on you on 7th July 2011 and said he was prepared “to arrest any suspects if any offences were disclosed” aren’t you?


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