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News and Comment January 2012

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11 January (Part 2) - Two down, one to go

CCTV warning signCouncillor Craske is out to rob motorists. His revenue stream is drying up as he drives trade away from Bexley with his various money grabbing schemes. In November 2010 he said he planned to “Commence enforcement of moving traffic contraventions using Mobile In Car Camera Enforcement and fixed CCTV. Also use fixed CCTV for no stopping parking contraventions”. That is a quotation from the ‘Strategy 2014’ budget document. He said it was a revenue raising exercise and that is why the statement was in a revenue raising document. Well not quite, because to admit that might be judged illegal, so he said it was to provide “Value for Money” instead.

I am not aware of a start date being announced, maybe the Notomob people are more on the ball, but I have noticed new and much larger signage going up around fixed CCTV installations. It claims CCTV is there for road safety reasons. The real reason may be more sinister. Only yesterday while stuck in the Craske created traffic jam in Sidcup I was forced to a standstill within a marked bus stop. The passenger in the car in front got out to save time by walking. That is exactly the sort of harmless behaviour that Craske is out to penalise. Please be careful.

It is no laughing matter, but my understanding is that two of our three local MPs have so far fallen victim to Craske’s 24/7 parking regime. Having to attend evening meetings as part of their responsibilities and being detained by constituents and the like for longer than anticipated costs them dear. It will cost everyone dear when those who have a choice go elsewhere in the evening rather than fund Bexley council’s greed.

Can anyone tell me why Boris Johnson is so critical of Westminster’s plan to introduce evening and Sunday parking charges but has nothing to say about Bexley beating them to it by six months? Nothing to do with his political sweetheart being council leader Teresa O’Neill is it?


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