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News and Comment January 2012

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11 January (Part 3) - Stringer in a tangle

I received a letter from Chief Superintendent Stringer yesterday, Borough Commander of Bexleyheath police force. It took 12 days to reach me but it’s a decent enough letter and I’m sure it’s intended to be constructive but one aspect of it is deeply insulting. CS Dave Stringer says that the reason his officers send me letters without signing them is because I have a track record for “abusive remarks made about an officer in a related case”. This is nonsense on two levels. Firstly I have considerable search facilities on this website not available to you as a reader and it has yet to find any abuse of any police officer except the strong implication that they are in Bexley council’s pocket. There is lots of evidence to support that. I know that when they scared the wits out of Mrs. Olly Cromwell in a dawn raid they stripped their officers of ID for the same reason but the worst I have done is deliberately swap a vowel in ‘police force’. Is that their idea of abuse? I even blurred out signatures, email addresses and phone numbers on letters I may have put on the web to protect them.

The other thing is that their letters were arriving unsigned long before any “related case” existed. Bexleyheath police are seriously confused and I suspect it is because they meekly accept Bexley council’s lies about me threatening councillors with violence. If I was a violent sort of chap I doubt I would have got through 68 years without throwing a punch and never appearing on any police database - apart from the one caused by Will Tuckley’s lies perhaps.

CS Stringer has once again offered a meeting. One of his Chief Inspectors did the same more than a month ago and I handed in a letter taking him up on the offer on the 19th December without response. They appear to be not only confused down at Arnsberg Way but in an administrative muddle too. But if CS Stringer or one of his senior officers is prepared to listen then it has to be a good move. To show appreciation I removed the police based Home page and put councillor Craske back where he belongs. I know you will like that and Google certainly does, Craske always pushes the search engine rankings up a notch or two.


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