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News and Comment January 2012

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14 January (Part 1) - Bexley’s bonkers ban

Bexley visits BonkersIt’s the weekend and time for some lighter stuff…

Only eight of London’s 20 Outer London Boroughs are regular visitors to Bexley is Bonkers and all of those are less frequent visitors than a couple of Inner London Boroughs, but as you probably know, Bexley is not among them because Chief Executive Will Tuckley decided that his staff and library users should be kept in the dark about his antics. But someone must know a way around the censorship. Just after new year Bexley popped up on the visitors list. One, two and one visits on three consecutive days.

It’s possible the ban fell off the list during some new year maintenance, I have no way of telling but in practice Bonkers is probably available at any time in any place by going to and entering the web address, then set it to translate English to English (if it doesn’t auto-detect it) and click the Translate button, Google will remind you that the site is already in English (if it is) and offer the original (untranslated) page. It works for me and should work elsewhere. You don’t have to tolerate Will Tuckley’s censorship if you don’t want to. Probably best to try it in the library rather than in a council office, unless you are councillor and immune from another of Bexley’s unfair dismissals.


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