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News and Comment January 2012

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16 January (Part 3) - What’s so funny Teresa?

Teresa O'Neill laughs as 35 people lose their jobsSo why is council leader Teresa O’Neill so happy? Has she just heard that Olly Cromwell has been banged up for a rude word on Twitter or that Boris Johnson has invited her to follow the Bexley fraudster Ian Clement to City Hall? Maybe a senior policeman has accepted an invitation to a council funded alcohol fuelled dinner; has councillor Peter Craske brought the whole borough to a standstill or perhaps violent crime has been banished forever by the simple expedient of closing a kebab shop? No it is far funnier than that, Teresa is celebrating putting 35 library workers on the dole.

Tasteless, uncaring or just plain nasty? Teresa O’Neill, Bexley’s joke of a leader celebrates with her Bromley counterpart, Stephen Carr. Bexley Times report.


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