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News and Comment January 2012

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17 January - Bexley council sounds the retreat

Pavement parking Pavement parking Last October I put out a call for someone who had been PCN’d by Bexley council for a parking offence recorded by mobile CCTV. Next day a lady contacted me via the Contact form and a few hours later Notomob gave her a call. As you can see from the pictures she had parked with a wheel up the kerb in Crayford. It looks to me that she didn’t have much of a case but she told Bexley the offence did not take place. If Bexley believed her they could have accepted that at the time.

With the support of Notomob she appealed to the Parking Adjudicator (PATAS) telling them she considered Bexley’s CCTV system to be unlawful. This comment went back to Bexley as is the procedure but instead of contesting it they caved in. Either they accept that their cameras have no certification or perhaps more likely they don’t wish to meet Notomob in court again. Either way it looks like pavement parkers have a get out of jail free card. Not that many people would condone it, it can sometimes be a thorough nuisance but it’s the situation we are in because Bexley council thinks it is above the law. Bexley council’s attitude to the law has to be contested, their way leads to Harassment Letters for criticism, Section 215 Notices for wildlife gardens and Hate Crimes by their councillors or cronies which show little sign of serious investigation seven months later.


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