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News and Comment January 2012

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21 January (Part 3) - Ban man. Town clown

Will TuckleyTeresa’s geezer, Chief Executive Will Tuckley has taken time out of his busy £120 an hour (†) life to write a letter to Olly Cromwell. He sent the paper copy to an old address and the email didn’t arrive at all but you can’t expect someone who has reached such giddy heights to trouble themselves with trivia and get the details right. And what did our very own bloated plutocrat have to say for himself? An apology for bringing a harassment charge against Olly when every last detail of it was unfounded perhaps? A case so flawed that the prosecution couldn’t produce any evidence? No of course not, Tuckley took time out of his busy day to tell Olly that he remains banned from the Civic Centre until at least May this year.

Did I hear you ask “what for”? OK; if you twist my arm. The pesky little blogger had taken Government advice literally. He had become an “Armchair Auditor” and a “Citizen Journalist” and took his camera along to a council meeting. Oh, dear me, the crime of the century, trying to expose the sheer amateurishness of Bexley council’s meetings in pictures rather than words.

Isn’t it odd how justice and injustice is meted out in Bexley? Visits by plod for helping people park their cars safely. Threats of arrest when residents criticise the council. Trumped up criminal charges against those who attempt to do so pictorially plus deprivation of democratic rights. On the other hand 63 councillors and a few senior managers sit on their hands knowing that one or more of them must be guilty of criminal activities and after the police attempt to look into it pretend they don’t know about any investigation. Nice to know that local affairs are in the capable hands of such a world-class bunch of charlatans and ne’er do wells.

† £208,000 divided by 365 (less 52 weekends, 9 bank holidays and 32 days leave). Divided by 8 hours a day.


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