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News and Comment January 2012

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23 January (Part 2) - Blog off

There has been nothing new reported here about any police investigation into Bexley council’s infamous blog since the 8th December when the correspondence files were updated. See Site map. That doesn’t mean that nothing has been going on, only that it is not being reported. Developments are being kept under wraps because the perpetrators may have gained useful information from this website. They may still get hold of it but I will know it can only have come from one source - not me.

My guess is that it will be another three weeks before there will be anything fresh to say. Meanwhile I have been comparing the writing style of the obscene blog to any councillor authored blog I can find or have on file. There are some similarities. Overuse of exclamation marks, an absence of possessive apostrophes and their inclusion in plurals. Should I expect councillors to know right from wrong? Probably not. It will all be coincidence.


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