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News and Comment January 2012

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26 January (Part 1) - What Katie did next

Hersay domain registrationAs a lapsed Conservative I have a sneaking admiration for councillor Katie Perrior. Not for her the non-jobs and sinecures favoured by the likes of Davey, Bauer, Seymour and Bacon to name just a few - all appointees to public bodies running on tax revenues. No, Ms. Perrior has what it takes to stand on her own two feet. First with her PR company In-house and now with a polling company Hersay. It helps of course to have all the right media contacts and be on first name terms with Mayor Boris Johnson but that may well have come from hard work and cunning career moves.

What I don’t understand is why someone in her exalted position finds it necessary to write to a newspaper to suggest she is hard up and can’t live without her £22,500 councillor allowance and claim that she is “best placed to know what residents are going through [in these difficult times]”. Is that hypocrisy or just an example of the lying for which Bexley council is renowned? Claiming on TV that councils must find a way around the law didn’t do a lot for her reputation either. But at least her principal income would appear not to have come directly from tax payers.

John Davey - Board Member NHS Care Trust. Link
Sandra Bauer - Director of Bexley Business Academy Ltd. Link
Melvin Seymour - Board Member Inspire Community Trust. Link
Gareth Bacon - Appointments at the GLA and similar bodies. Link


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