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News and Comment January 2012

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27 January - Everyone is welcome - including Will Tuckley

Bonkers' web statsI used to try to pace entries to the blog so that there was something for every day but it’s too much like hard work. Now I generally process everything as it arrives leaving tomorrow to chance. Something usually turns up but occasionally it doesn’t. I was expecting to have some photos to illustrate a council created road problem in Crayford for today but through nobody’s fault it was not to be, hence a bit of weekend style trivia coming early.

It was mildly amusing to look at the web stats for yesterday mid way through the day and find that the Greater London Authority, the Houses of Parliament and Bexley council had all looked in twice and the alphabetical sequencing (among those with identical numbers of visits) placed them all together in 24th, 25th and 26th place. That’s two visits each. The page hits were rather higher. Topping the list as usual was NTL Bromley (their local node) followed by BT and Sky etc. with hundreds of visits between them. The GLA can be guaranteed to take a look whenever Boris Johnson’s name is mentioned. Bexley council’s presence is harder to explain as Bonkers is supposed to be banned on their server.

Boris will no doubt be embarrassed as more details of Bexley’s obscene blog leak out in the 100 days left before his election, serves him right for choosing his friends badly.

I had a phone call yesterday from someone made redundant from Bexley council; she wondered what Will Tuckley actually does with practically all services outsourced. She is not the only one. If Tuckley was the world class manager that Teresa O’Neill thinks he is surely he would have come up with a more sensible tactic than having the police report me to the Crown Prosecution Service for “criticising councillors”. Is that the best he can do? Perhaps he should read this. “The world of local news and comment is changing quickly; local authorities need to change with it.” Maybe Mr. Tuckley should seek Katie Perrior’s advice, her new website proclaims that she is “dedicated to remaining open and transparent in all of our endeavours”. That’s a novel idea, maybe Katie could sell it to Bexley council and make some more money.


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