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28 January (Part 2) - Weird Google search terms for Bonkers

Google search statisticsI have a fairly low opinion of Bexley councillors although let’s be fair, it’s no more than a quarter of them who get regular mentions here. I’m inclined to believe one might be responsible for the obscene blog and tend to think that searching for this site in the manner indicated on the left might be the sort of thing that they would do. Most days fifty or so people will reach the site by typing ‘bexley is bonkers’ and variants thereof into Google. It seems a long winded method to me and most users get to the site without relying on Google; but each to their own, there is no law against it. But what sort of person would type in five long words to reach it when two is plenty? And then do it several times each day week after week? Someone well acquainted with the subject who gets his kicks from blogging homophobic obscenities perhaps?


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