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News and Comment January 2012

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31 January (Part 1) - Bexley council - In trouble with the Information Commissioner again

It’s almost forgotten but it wasn’t just Elwyn Bryant and me who were the subject of Bexley council’s obscene blog, Nicholas Dowling and Olly Cromwell got a mention too. Nicholas was said to have been up to no good in the Cinema car park. He chose not to complain to the police but he did ask Bexley council to check if the obscene blog had been accessed from council computers. We know the council can do that, how else can it keep and publish a record of the 100 most popular sites visited by staff? Needless to say, Bexley council refused to give Nicholas the information.

Procedural delays can be extraordinarily long but more than six months later the Information Commissioner has finally ruled that Bexley council has broken the law again and must answer Nicholas’s question within the next 35 calendar days from 26 January 2011.

Every single question about the obscene blog has been evaded so far. The council knows something but is never likely to say, preferring, as has been said before, to harbour a criminal rather than expose one. I haven’t a clue who the culprit might be, only that at one time the only man privy to the information was Chris Loynes, the Head of Member Services, who disappeared soon afterwards.

On a related subject; Bexleyheath police’s refusal to give any explanation about why they issued me with a Harassment Letter (Form 9993) last April reached the top of the Independent Police Complaints Commission’s in-tray last week and I have been told they are now looking into that bit of Bexley council inspired nonsense too.


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