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News and Comment July 2012

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3 July (Part 1) - Pitch in says forking Teresa. It will “show how much we have in common”

From Arthur Pewty's blogThe Bexley magazine tumbled through my letterbox yesterday afternoon and the leader’s column is filled with Olympics stuff. Bexley has “been closely involved in the planning of the Games” and “Times like these … show how much we have in common”. Does that sound like a reasoned argument?

I never saw Teresa O’Neill as the athletic type before, though she can be fairly quick off the block when there is a chance to twist a policeman’s arm and get a critic locked up. More surprising than the implication that Bexley has been a big player in the Games (†) is Page 13 of the magazine where she and her scheming cohorts encourage us to pitch in and see what our money has been forked out on (flags up lamp posts) and descend on the Civic Centre and Danson Park with flaming torches.

Should we be scared witless like the Frightened Controller herself and sprint down to the cop shop PDQ?

Statement to police
Extract from police report on Teresa O’Neill’s complaint about me and Olly Cromwell for the flaming torches comment originally made by another blogger. Olly hadn’t even referred to it. The lying Teresa would have known that but chose to be dishonest. No change there then.

† There are six Olympic boroughs. Bexley isn’t one of them.


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