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News and Comment July 2012

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6 July - Looking for Sandra Bauer and “Huge Bonkers”

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With not a lot going on, or to be more precise, not a lot going on that can be safely reported, I fell back at looking at the Bonkers’ webstats. One item that has been a mystery for the past couple of months is shown above. It would be unremarkable if someone made that search once, but every day, several times a day and always with the same spelling mistake? Weird. For those new around here Sandra Bauer is the deputy leader of the Labour opposition on Bexley council famed for kicking off the ‘dog faeces through a letter box’ story which led to Olly Cromwell getting a criminal record when the truth was rather different, dog faeces and letter boxes being an invention that the cowardly councillor failed to admit. No integrity, no honesty. That's two of those Nolan Principles up the Swanee straight away. Sandra Bauer has never come to notice for anything on Bonkers except for that lie. What is the deputy leader of the Labour opposition for?

Over the last couple of weeks the other Bexley names being searched frequently are Chris Taylor and Peter Craske. Craske I can understand but the name Taylor is being most often searched as “Cllr Chris Taylor arrested”. I would suggest that someone has an overactive imagination or knows a lot more than I do.

Councillors are not the only people arousing curiosity. Elwyn Bryant, Michael Barnbrook and myself are all subject to searches, though maybe it is not me. My name is shared by an international banker, an actor, a man who held the record for rowing the length of the Thames and a puppeteer in Scotland. But if it was me who was being searched the answer to the question is that I am not employed by anyone to write this blog.

Questions that I cannot answer are “are there any clubs in bexley to meet mature women” and “bexley girls with huge bonkers” and a few more which are best not repeated here. As for those Craske questions, there is more info hidden away in this week’s News Shopper than you will find here. I have no definitive answers but the various indicators are more than a little interesting.


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