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News and Comment July 2012

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15 July - Does anyone know of a well managed doctor’s surgery?

Flu jabAfter getting a couple of enquiries as to why things have been quiet around here I thought I had better own up to having had a nasty bout of flu. High temperature, non-stop coughing and general lifelessness. My GP runs one of those lottery appointment systems that asks you to call at 9 a.m. and if you don’t strike lucky you must call again at 9 the next day. The system is presumably designed to save money and allow the doctor to have an easy life but in the last three and a bit years it is a policy that, for me, has escalated to a total of four hospital investigations, three of them stemming directly from the surgery receptionist thinking it was highly amusing (†) that I failed in their lottery five days in a row. Fortunately I count a medical professional as a friend so I am now on antibiotics via the back door.

None of the above is wholly responsible for there being little to report. Too much of what has come my way recently could land me in the libel court. If some of the recently arrived signed documents are even half true it might make Bexley Cabs’ exploitation of planning law look like very small beer.

Unless my illicit antibiotics prove to be chalk dust I expect to be at next Wednesday’s council meeting to see if the red-faced one is any more red faced than usual. Nothing very significant is lined up for earlier in the week.

† A relatively minor problem which took three weeks to get looked into caused consequential damage. A complaint was acknowledged but never answered.


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