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News and Comment July 2012

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21 July (Part 1) - No commission required. None paid

Estate Agent's notice 25 Camden Road Camden Oak. 25 Camden RoadIf you Google ‘Camden Oak Bexley’ the first item that pops up is ‘Councillor Details - PublicAccess Bexley Council’ and it goes on to give the address of deputy leader Colin Campbell: Camden Oak, 25 Camden Road, Bexley, DA5 3NS. The same address as sometimes given by his son, the owner of Bexley Cabs.

It looks to be a nice house but possibly not nice enough because if you wander past Village Estates in Bexley Village you may notice an advert for a very similar house.

Not just similar, if you examine the original photographs closely, identical in every last detail. So have our two favourite businessmen made another killing somewhere and off to pastures new?

Black Horse Inn, BeanI would have thought that a nice country pub would suit them, if they could find one cheap. Preferably a Free House. That would be very Enterprise Inn don’t you think? Plough Inn a new furrow might make a nice change. Or have they already Bean there, done that? Or someone.

We seem to have lost Peter Craske and good riddance. If only we could be sure the whole rotten ship was sinking.

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