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News and Comment July 2012

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21 July (Part 2) - County Gate. The blame game

We have known for a long time that Bexley council has achieved nothing for County Gate residents in the six years the Conservatives have been ruling the roost. We learned only last Wednesday that councillor Peter Craske threatened to throw his toys out of his perambulator if the beleaguered residents dared to criticise him. We have also seen that the only people prepared to speak up for County Gate have been Munir Malik and Seán Newman, both Labour councillors from the other extremity of the borough and we know from last year’s News Shopper report and Mrs. Dakshy’s revelations that Craske is totally unable to get along with anyone who isn’t an extreme right wing Conservative.

Gareth Bacon's views on County Gate Seán Newman expressed the hope that Craske’s replacement, Gareth Bacon, might prove more effective but unfortunately both he and is wife Cheryl were absent from last Wednesday’s council meeting. Well if you take on nine or ten jobs across the metropolis you are going to need a holiday sooner or later and so we were prevented from hearing Gareth’s views on Craske’s sorry saga. So what does he have to say on his ward website? Oh dear. It’s all Labour’s fault!

I’m not sure that Gareth should be instantly labelled a liar because I have never before come across circumstances in which that would be justified. The footnote is probably a clue. A footnote by someone not averse to sweeping criminality under the carpet and who we know usually sanctions Bexley council‘s lies. The same person who assured us on another website that Seán Newman was unaware that the railway line to Dartford went through Bexleyheath. The lies are so poor they would be ridiculed in an infant school playground, a sure case of a mouth opening and a belly rumbling.

We have got to know an awful lot about councillor Peter Craske in the last year or so. Throwing toys and insults from his pram has proved to be his normal mode of operation and Mrs. Dakshy can be thankful that he didn’t report her to the police for “criticising councillors at a personal level”.

Over recent weeks it has become all but certain that Peter Craske was part of the contingent that reported me to former Borough Commander Stringer for that very ‘offence’. CS Stringer told me nearly six months ago that he couldn’t properly explain or apologise for his force’s mistakes over the harassment issue because to do so would reveal too much about his investigation into Bexley council’s obscene blog as the two were “inextricably linked”. His comment made absolutely no sense to me at the time but I think it does now. It would be nice to think that councillor leader Teresa O’Neill and chief executive Will Tuckley will eventually be done for attempting to pervert the course of justice but I doubt they will however guilty they may be.


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