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News and Comment July 2012

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28 July - Bexley council in HD? Horrendously Dodgy

Council web castIf you believe what Bexley council told the local press a year ago (News Shopper 27 April 2011) they plan to webcast their meetings once the new Civic Centre opens. However if you believe what they told John Watson of the Bexley Council Monitoring Group they will not. I’m not sure that is bad news.

Recording would catch out the rewriters of history; mayor Alan Downing’s pen-jabbing antics and demands to “sit down” would not so easily be labelled neither dismissive nor arrogant. On the other hand I would probably lazily give up taking notes at meetings and then take twice as long to blog about meetings while rechecking every last detail.

Yesterday’s report in the Daily Telegraph offers what may be a good forecast of how any webcasting would be received here in Bexley. A blog summarising the highlights may make meetings appear to be more exciting than they are and a webcast can never replace the real thing where you can in various ways express your feelings about the charade being played out before you.

If Bexley council has changed its mind about webcasting I’m not going to get too upset by it, it might force them to operate the microphones responsibly but you can be sure any recording would be edited. In any case there are residents who would happily do the job for nothing if only Bexley council would operate within existing government guidelines.


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