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News and Comment June 2012

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3 June - The Erith Riverside Festival - Cold and wet

Erith Erith Erith
Erith Erith ErithAlongside a very grey Thames some very courageous charity workers struggled in the wet and cold to give a welcome to the few visitors who ventured away from central heating radiators and TV screens.

The weather could not have been much worse and one’s sympathies must be with the organisers who booked dancers (who were unable to perform in the slippery conditions), hired Portaloos and a DJ (who was doing his level best to put on a cheery act against all odds) and struggled with licensing authorities and a host of regulations only to see grey skies and constant drizzle. I noted councillor Brenda Langstead showing an interest in events and a supportive councillor Peter Catterall looked in.

Queen of HeartsOne of the commercial stands was offering psychic services. He couldn’t have been any good or he would have had the foresight to stay at home in the warm.

I had a word with the organisers and they may be able to provide a brief report on what is involved in running an event under the watchful eye of Bexley council. A mixture of the helpful and the obstructive from what I could gather.

It is all a far cry from 59 years ago when mothers organised a celebratory party on the green at the end of my road and nobody asked any questions.


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