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News and Comment June 2012

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18 June (Part 3) - Opening anyway

Bexley Cabs. TwitterI don’t know if you’ve noticed but Bexley Cabs have been busy rebutting everything said about them here. When it was reported that there was a promise to “open anyway” after the Planning Committee rejected Ms. Byrne’s application - it was Mark Campbell’s really but I am being pedantically correct - Bexley Cabs Tweeted that it was untrue.

When it was made clear that it was Mark’s business partner who had said it - confirmed from four sources - Bexley Cabs Tweeted that that wasn’t true either. Both “did not say a word. Fact”, were their precise words. Bexley Cabs “wish that people would report the truth” and invite readers to phone “me” - who I assume to be Mark Campbell, son of Bexley council’s deputy leader Colin Campbell. He says his phone number is on the planning application. True, it is, but scrubbed out by the planning department for reasons of confidentiality.

Even if there was no promise to “open anyway ” the fact they did makes it all rather academic. Reports came in on Friday that their sign was out saying that Bexley Cabs were open for business, confirmed by two others on Saturday. Now someone who is “bored by all the lies” has sent me a photo. It is taken closer than might be ideal but it is interesting none the less.

Opening Soon We Are Open We Are OpenThe first photograph is of the sign I took through the office window on the 2nd of June. The next was taken last Friday and the third is an extract from that photo showing just a bit of the pavement on which it was standing. It says nothing about Opening Soon, it says “WE ARE OPEN”. What could be more definite than that?

I imagine that as permission has been granted for the free-standing advertising sign and it would be technically possible to operate a cab company from the end of any telephone anywhere that might be a neat way of circumventing the spirit of the law. However we know from earlier Tweets that the advertised phone number is installed in the office, but maybe it has been put on a redirection service which might be another neat trick. But try as I may I can’t find any excuse for “Apply in office”. Bexley Cabs has denied the “opening anyway” comment but how do they explain the photo? Adobe Photoshop perhaps?


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