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News and Comment June 2012

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19 June - Excuses, excuses

Tuesday is never a good day for me and blogging as I have too many other commitments that day. Tuesday’s blog must be written on Monday or I am in trouble - and for various reasons it didn’t get done yesterday.

So all I have time for is a quick reference to Bexley council’s webpage imploring us to keep our trees well watered - which one of my correspondents found amusing. It is but perhaps no more so than countless other out of date pages on their website. Then there was another report of councillor Philip Read being an idiot on Twitter, but that is not exactly news is it?

I have been provided with a potted history of Mark Campbell’s chequered business career which may see the light of day one day, but I must remind myself that Mark Campbell isn’t Bexley council and it is wandering a bit off topic. Not that that stopped me from constructing an Index page to his Bexley Cabs venture which may make it easier to refer back to earlier blogs on the subject.

If you are interested in police matters the Met. Commissioner’s webchat on Thursday may prove interesting.

There are two council committee meetings this week so normal service should be resumed as soon as possible.


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