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News and Comment June 2012

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26 June - Bexley’s obscene blog. Someone is in the frame

It is sometimes forgotten that when someone connected to Bexley council set up and filled it with hateful libellous filth it wasn’t just Elwyn Bryant and me who were the victims. Nick Dowling who had dissected councillor Craske’s fanciful accounting over the tripled price of Residents’ Parking Permits was falsely accused of certain acts in the Cinema car park. Someone who knew both our faces and with easy access to the CCTV system identified both him and me. Perhaps the man in overall charge. Who else would recognise us? Another victim of Bexley’s obscene blog was Olly Cromwell. All have a direct interest in the outcome of the police investigation. All have been kept informed of their slow progress.

It's not only the victims who have been informed. Two MPs, Teresa Pearce and James Brokenshire, without whose support the police would almost certainly have stuck to their original line that there was no evidence and saying anything about the case was not in the public interest; they must be kept in the loop. The News Shopper makes the occasional enquiry. Elwyn naturally tells his fellow Bexley Council Monitoring Group members. I have honestly answered a question or two from regular website correspondents and so the facts will gradually leak out. Yesterday things went full circle and someone asked me if I had heard the news. I also had confirmation that it had reached council ears; now seems as good a time as any to bring blog readers up to date.

Rumours that a cabinet member has been arrested are much exaggerated but someone has. Last week, the police served a search warrant on their suspect and “the individual” (the investigating officer gives little away) was taken away for interview. The suspect is currently on police bail while further enquiries proceed. The police officer encourages questions but quite why I am not sure, one never gets a straight answer. Among the questions were…

Is the suspect’s computer being sent for forensic examination? Does the car park CCTV recognition indicate a direct link to the responsible cabinet member? Did the suspect deny the charges? How sure are the police that they have the right person? How long before charges might be brought? And I learned absolutely nothing from them. So now you know as much as Elwyn and I do. We do not have a clue who had their home searched and was taken away for questioning. Every name we have floated by the police in the hope of picking up a reaction has met with failure.

Someone, I suspect, may be acting a little strangely. Probably someone will notice. Possibly the news will leak back here, but apart from the words search warrant, arrest, interview and bail, everything else is speculation.


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