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News and Comment March 2012

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2 March (Part 2) - The unmentionable blog again

I had planned to avoid mentioning the obscene blog too often in future but courtesy of the Information Commissioner another significant letter fell into my hands. I don’t know why Bexley council were so reluctant to release it because I can’t see how it places them in a bad light, more the reverse. It’s been redacted but anyone who has followed the case will easily be able to fill in the gaps.

I regard the comment by Will Tuckley that I may have committed a crime by republishing the blog as a little strange, maybe he was hoping to have the victim locked up as well as the culprit. The police accepted it was a hate crime’ and I’m not sure how I can commit a hate crime against myself and be arrested for it, but you never know given the state of the law in this country. Bexley council considers publishing rude words to be a crime - hence the Olly Cromwell trial - so maybe I could yet go the same way. However on balance Mr. Tuckley’s initial reaction appears to have been beyond reproach. It’s a shame that as far as can be ascertained he never made any enquiry about progress which would be rather remiss of him, especially as he subsequently denied there was any police investigation. None of that quite adds up but I’ll happily credit the man for at least starting out by doing the right thing.


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