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News and Comment March 2012

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5 March - Newham first, Bromley second

Newham and Bromley
So Bexley council claims to have the second lowest council tax in Outer London due to some arithmetical fiddling with averages which doesn’t actually reduce residents’ bills. Bromley council will beg to differ - see extract from their website above. Bexley is at the top of the tree when it comes to deceptions and far from being second lowest, we are still paying the ninth highest taxes in London. There’s no getting away from that; assuming you are paying of course…

The amount of council tax outstanding in Bexley is nearly £18 million (FOI response) which is half the Strategy 2014 savings. I personally doubt that any of it will be owed by councillors but cannot be sure because Bexley refused to say whether any had been sent reminders, let alone anything worse.

The Information Commissioner saw no reason for that refusal and has given Bexley council 20 days to answer or they will get yet another decision notice. A bit of me says information like that is barely worth having but all the time Bexley council’s priority is to keep everyone in the dark about relatively trivial matters one has to wonder why the culture of total secrecy is pursued so relentlessly. Something much less trivial to be hidden perhaps?


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