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News and Comment March 2012

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6 March - More dubious tinkering with the road system

Long Lane Long Lane Long LaneLong Lane is getting the Bellegrove Road treatment in miniature; complete with pinch points and rearranged traffic island. Bexley council call it a “traffic and pedestrian improvement scheme” but the locals who asked that I should take a look cannot see why the money has to be spent.

The obvious change is that the zebra crossing and its central island have gone; you can see the remnants of the road markings and a new crosing is being constructed 15 feet further along the road. What sort of caring council gets rid of one pedestrian crossing before constructing the replacement?

The new beacons on their poles are there as is the tactile paving. How moving it 15 feet is ever worthwhile I do not know but it is now right on the corner of Haslemere Road. The pavement has been built out so maybe there will not be a replacement pedestrian refuge.

Long Lane Long Lane 50 yards or so to the north of the crossing the pavement appears to be widened (see photo gallery) and it remains to be seen if parking spaces will be reduced.

Local opinion, as relayed to me, is that it will do nothing to improve traffic flow. As someone who only ever passes through on the way to Bexley or the A2 I reserve judgment except that rarely is it possible to improve both traffic flow and pedestrian facilities and Bexley council’s track record for screwing up every road project reigns supreme.

Speaking of the A2 and screw ups. Those of us in the north of the borough cannot get to it at all via Long Lane and the route via Brampton Road requires a torturous detour which is sometimes very congested. I appreciate it is all utility related but does Bexley council not exercise any control whatever?


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