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News and Comment March 2012

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13 March - Davey. Dodgy or Dozey?

I am occasionally shown correspondence between an elector and his councillor with a request to make use of it on Bonkers. My reply is always along the lines of “only if you are sure you will never again need to correspond with your councillor”. You can be sure that the elector would be blacklisted and in the police state of Bexley there is always the risk, if the words used were not construed as friendly, of landing up in a cell where very possibly blogger Olly Cromwell is at this very moment.

However today I shall make an exception; it’s always a pleasure to feature the ‘founder’ of this website, for it was councillor John Davey who described Bexley council policy as ‘Bonkers’ while supporting that very policy as vice-chairman of the relevant scrutiny committee. And secondly he is refusing to respond to his elector already, much the same treatment as I received at his hands when reporting (and photographing) cars being illegally ticketed in Abbey Road three years ago. So my warning of probable blacklisting is not very relevant.

The subject under discussion is the certification or otherwise of Bexley’s mobile CCTV systems.

Dear Councillor Davey,
Have you seen the certification, that the use of these cameras is indeed legal?

Dear Mr. B,
We have had this checked and we have been told that everything is legal.

Dear Councillor Davey,
So can you provide the evidence that states it is legal? Why has Bexley Council lost two cases which I am aware of?

Dear Mr. B,
I am quite happy to accept the assurance that I have been given, but I am not prepared to supply this information to anybody else.

Dear Councillor Davey,
I am still awaiting for you to provide the evidence. As my elected councillor I would expect that you would ensure that these camera cars are indeed legal. By seeing the documents.

Mr. B.
I am happy they are legal.

Councillor Davey,
You have failed to state how they are legal. Why have Bexley lost two appeals? Because it has no documents to show, when asked? As my elected councillor, you should be acting for me. Provide the evidence, not what you’re told.

Mr. B,
I am acting for you and all residents of Lesnes Abbey Ward and of Bexley in a way that I see fit. I have a duty to ensure people’s safety and I am happy Bexley Council are doing this in a legal way. If you have any genuine evidence otherwise, as opposed to opinion, then send it to me and I will investigate further.

Dear Councillor Davey,
You requested that I provide evidence. Well that is what I have been requesting from you. As an elected councillor, is it not your role to ensure that the people that elected you are treated in a manner of fairness, along with ensuring that Bexley Council are complying with the law? So will you provide evidence that the camera cars that Bexley Council are using are legal and lawful?

Dear Mr. B,
I have stated my position on this a number of times. There is no further point in repeating it.

Dear Mr. Davey,
As my elected councillor you are required to act on my behalf, along with ensuring that Bexley Council are abiding by the law. I await your answers.

Dear Mr. B,
Thank you for your email. I believe the certificate is on the Council website. I have not checked this myself, but I believe this is the case. I am certain you can find the time to check this yourself. (†)

Dear Mr. Davey,
Having had many dealings with you, what have you done? I showed you how Bexley council were not complying with law! Remember the photos, no action taken! I would suggest you start asking Bexley council questions, not just going with flow! Do your job as a councillor.

Dear Mr. B,
Due to your aggressive attitude, I shall no longer reply to any emails from you.

† The council promised to put its documentation on line last October. They are currently saying it should appear sometime this month.


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