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News and Comment March 2012

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14 March (Part 2) - There is no justice in Bexley - and no commonsense either

Chief Superintendent StringerObscenitiesOlly Cromwell has spent the night in a cell allegedly for breaking his bail conditions. In a successful attempt to thwart justice being seen to be done the case is being heard in Bromley via video link. Olly, in case you have recently returned from the planet Mars, is in trouble for Tweeting the rhetorical question to his followers, “What c*** lives in a house like that?” Have the police nothing better to do? Is there not a single brain cell under that flat hat? If everyone who wrote the ‘c’ word was held in jail the streets would be noticeably emptier. Why pick on Olly? Couldn’t be anything to do with him “criticising councillors on a personal level” could it? The police and council wouldn’t be that bent would they?

It is all in marked contrast to when one of Will and Teresa’s merry band published obscenities about me and Elywn Bryant and included Olly Cromwell himself. The police were reluctant to accept that crime by their friends at the Civic Offices, and as far as anyone can tell did very little about it.

As can be seen below Bexley council doesn’t like me saying that it has the police in its pocket. Do you think that typing a four letter word in any context other than one involving the police or Bexley council would ever get you into trouble? Bexley council and Bexleyheath police are all part of the same disreputable gang.
Police report
PS. Olly’s court appearance is delayed pending arrival on the scene of his solicitor and barrister. Message timed 11:52 a.m.


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