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News and Comment March 2012

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14 March (Part 5) - Olly must have got ’em worried

It seems this morning’s report of a trial by video link from Bexleyheath police station to Bromley Court was not entirely correct, Olly was transported to Bromley police station and video’d from there.

My excuse is that the information was provided by the Bexleyheath police officer based at Bexley court and my mistake was to believe the word of said police officer. I have not been able to speak to Olly yet but I understand he was arrested on the word of one individual with malicious intent, and Bexleyheath police as is usual in these cases conducted no independent enquiries and simply jumped when Bexley council commanded them to do so. You’d think they would learn from past mistakes but a lack of brain cells will always have consequences.

Today’s Twittering and blogging did not go unnoticed at Bexley council. The six members of the public present at tonight’s council committee meeting - average age 70 years - were shadowed by two hired bouncers to make sure they behaved themselves. There was not a pitchfork nor a flaming torch in sight and Bexley council has survived to disgrace itself another day.


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