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News and Comment March 2012

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15 March (Part 1) - The gloves are off

Olly Cromwell’s wife has come good on her promised phone call to update us on recent developments. She did not do much more than give a diary of events but I managed to glean the following…

Olly reported to Bexleyheath police station at 14:30 on Tuesday and as invariably happens at that badly managed nick he was kept waiting 30 minutes in the foyer. Eventually two officers took him to a back room where he was arrested for breaching bail conditions.

By then Bexley Magistrates Court was closed and Olly was taken to Bromley police station - quite contrary to what I was told when I enquired about his court appearance yesterday. At Bromley the Bexley coppers insisted on interviewing Olly which caused some dispute between them and the Bromley based officers including their duty solicitor. The latter advised Olly to give a resolute “no comment”.

I am not sure which councillor did it but I could guessThe reason for Olly’s arrest was as forecast. A malicious Bexley councillor told the police that bail conditions had been broken. I’m not sure which councillor felt he could stoop to that level but I could guess. (†) If I am right he would not find it necessary to lower himself any further than his standard position. As is customary when acting to defend their paymasters, Bexley police unquestionably took action blindly without the benefit of evidence.

Because Bexley police interviewed Olly again the Bromley Court was by then closed so he was held overnight. No blanket, no toilet paper. He was told he was likely to remain in a cell until the trial on 13th April. One sleepless night ensued.

Yesterday morning Olly’s barrister eventually showed up and duly demolished the prosecution’s case yet again. Contrary to the judge’s comment that he was free to go, Olly was dumped back in his stinking cell and kept there until he began to make a fuss an hour later. For his pains he was emptied out on to the streets with no means of getting home.

It appears to me that Bexley council will commit any dishonest, disreputable or immoral act to keep their critics quiet. The gloves are well and truly off. For nearly two months I have been sitting on documented information about a Bexley councillor and on his or her own admission, if the correspondence and what he or she has been up to became public knowledge, it would make his or her position “VERY difficult”. Some might say untenable.

I had my reasons for not publishing it, basically someone asked me to bear in mind the effects on his or her family life and I respected that thought. Sometimes I am far too nice. But my mood has changed. I am not in a position to deprive anyone of toilet paper nor would I want to, but maybe a few sleepless nights are in order. Maybe a wrecked political career is acceptable in the circumstances. If Bexley council continues with its attempts to put Olly in jail by perverting the course of justice, certain embarrassing facts will find their way into the public domain. Now watch them arrest me for threatening behaviour!

PS. If the number of unique visitors to this site had been two greater yesterday it would have exceeded the previous day’s total by a factor of two - and Tuesday’s was a 2012 record. Thank you Bexley council, your assistance in spreading “Dishonest, Incompetent, Vindictive” to an ever widening audience is much appreciated.

† Later confirmed by Olly Cromwell to be councillor Philip Read.


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