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News and Comment March 2012

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16 March (Part 2) - The police state of Bexley

Councillor Philip ReadThe recent tribulations of Olly Cromwell who is being hounded by a bunch of malicious Bexley councillors for having a bit of a foul mouth on him were reported in as much detail as I could muster yesterday morning. Since then I have noticed links to Bonkers on websites as far away as Australia, the Twittering and blogging world appears to be universally appalled by the antics of a council run by the political woman most admired by Boris Johnson, wannabe next mayor of London and presumably just as much a supporter of tyranny as Ken Livingston was of those not unacquainted with terrorism.

Olly has today given his own account of what happened on his own website and you may be glad to know that it is remarkably free of obscenities, no worse than what comes out of so-called comedians’ mouths on BBC2 anyway.

Olly is unable to tell you who tried to get him banged up for a month for breaking bail conditions because of those conditions, but I stand by my original researches. I wouldn’t be surprised if the “concerned member of the public” whose suggestion was immediately thrown out by a judge does not find himself on the receiving end of similar charges before long; that would make two, but like Olly my lips have to remain sealed too. The legal world can be very tricky when it is so full of criminals with friends in high places.


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