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News and Comment March 2012

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17 March (Part 3) - More mistakes and chaos by Bexley’s renowned road planning department

Road closedThey are making mistakes and causing more chaos down in Welling. Don’t they know that there is software available to ensure vehicles can get around corners before pick axe gets to hit tarmac?

More total road closures for their convenience. Mind you, perhaps I shouldn’t complain, there is a major one up here in the northern outpost of Bexley and the 401 bus now (almost) passes my door at least a mile off course. Don’t knock it, it gets me to Bexleyheath in 15 minutes instead of the 229’s 25 at best.

The full set of photos may be seen here. The consultation document for Welling Way has been added to the Welling Corridor Index.


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