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News and Comment March 2012

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20 March (Part 1) - I spy with my little eye; another lie?

I was mildly rebuked yesterday for saying that Bexley council has spent money on CCTV. Someone reminded me that it was Siemens who spent the money and as that comment is from someone with close links to the monitoring facility I bow to their expertise. I think I know who ultimately paid for it nevertheless. Councillor Craske refers in the Spring issue of the Bexley Magazine to “the investment we have made”. I think he intends to imply that ‘we’ is the Conservatives and he does so for electoral reasons. It’s the sort of thing he can’t stop doing at council meetings and on Conservatives websites. Why should the magazine be any different? But it’s a long way from being an outright lie by Craske’s standards, even if my man from Siemens begs to differ.


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