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News and Comment March 2012

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20 March (Part 3) - Feedback

Bexley cabs
There has been quite a lot, of feedback that is, about Bexley Cabs. Someone called Steve at the Public Carriage Office has confirmed what the minicab company said. The term Cabs is a strict No No if what you really mean is minicabs. He wasn’t so sure about the planning consent, he thought it quite likely that they would accept a promise of forthcoming planning permission for a short while.

There is of course concern locally that minicabs will soak up what little parking space there is in the centre of Bexley. It was suggested from yet another source that an agreement had been reached with the Ex-Serviceman’s Club which lies between and behind Bexley Cabs and Bar Lorca to use their car park. I have some contacts on the committee of that club and they made enquiries but said it was news to them.

That video story involving a seriously injured young lad rang a bell with someone too. To quote from an email sent by one of my regular correspondents, “… was a victim of cyber-bullying. A homophobic message was posted on the school website by another pupil who had gained access by using a teacher’s password. The school said there was no way they could find out who had done it. My daughter was aware that it was possible to find out who it might be from the IP address and contacted the police. The pupil responsible turned out to be the son of a school governor”. Is there no place untainted by corruption in Bexley?

An awful lot of governors are councillors aren’t they?


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