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News and Comment March 2012

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21 March (Part 2) - Petition update

Elwyn Bryant is still finding time to ask politicians’ views on his petition against excessive salaries. We already know that Elwyn’s views coincide exactly with government policy and in particular Eric Pickles who has said much (but done nothing) about the issue. We know that James Brokenshire MP agrees because he said so on his website a long time ago and has been advising Elwyn very recently. I suspect Teresa Pearce agrees too although the Labour faction on Bexley council doesn’t. We know that the Green Party locally agrees, but nothing was known about what our GLA member might be thinking about it - until now.

James Cleverly thinks that Fox’s misuse of Standing Order 84 is right. “It is essential that petitioners take care to ensure their petitions are error-free", he says not so cleverly.

“It can be a false economy not to attract good people into public service… I know that under the Conservative administration at Bexley Council significant savings and efficiencies have been made while prioritising front line services for protection. Any individual salary should be considered in light of this”.

With Teresa O’Neill hoping to get a leg up to the Mayor’s office should Boris win in May you can’t expect Cleverly to rock the Bexley queen’s boat but at least we know that James Cleverly, Assembly Member for Bexley and Bromley, is not in tune with the coalition government’s policy or the Minister for Communities oft repeated opinion. Well out of order as James C. might have said himself.

I still think that the most likely reason no established local politician (both James Brokenshire and Teresa Pearce are new to their positions) will speak against Bexley’s over-generous salaries is that the unelected has too much dirt on the elected. A mutual protection racket. I would be amazed if Will Tuckley didn’t know exactly who has the skills to abuse Google blogspot.


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