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News and Comment March 2012

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21 March (Part 3) - I found DI Keith Marshall

It was DI Keith Marshall whose signature appeared on the Harassment Letter (Form 9993) which both Olly Cromwell and I received in April last year. I was not happy with the suggestion that “criticising councillors at a personal level” is a crime. I was critical of that and Olly was even more forthright. I received an absolutely useless fudge of a reply to my complaint to the Directorate of Professional Standards from Bexleyheath police and referred the whole matter to the Independent Police Complaints Commission in November 2011 and I am pleased to be able to tell you that their investigation was far more thorough and honest than the local one. It would appear that DI Marshall was more the hero than villain in this disgraceful episode instigated by Bexley council and their Chief Executive Will Tuckley.

That disreputable crew had contrived to get a file put before the Crown Prosecution Service that said I had encouraged the use of flaming torches, pitchforks and petrol bombs on Bexley councillors and Civic Offices. Never forget that it is Boris Johnson’s most admired local politician who was instrumental in all that. It was her who put my name forward, the police files say so.
Police files
Everyone who has kept pace with developments will know that everything claimed by Bexley councillors was an outrageous lie perpetrated by Chief Executive Will Tuckley on behalf of his ‘scheming cohorts’ but not unnaturally the CPS recommended I was prosecuted when they read the assertions. It was DI Marshall on the receiving end of the CPS advice who investigated the facts and recognised Tuckley and O’Neill’s lies for what they were. Without DI Marshall I may well have been banged up behind bars.
DI Marshall's statement
DI Keith Marshall felt obliged to do something under the overbearing pressure exerted by Bexley council and chose what he felt was the least damaging option, Form 9993. Whether connected or not I do not know, but he then went sick and is apparently still not returned to health.

So there you have it; is any more proof required that Bexley council is totally and utterly corrupt? It told a whole series of lies about Olly Cromwell and me, more than serious enough to get us locked up for a very long time. The Crown Prosecution Service fell for their lies and it was only thanks to the vigilance of DI Marshall that Bexley council did not get its way. All because they do not want residents to take an interest in their own council. All because Council leader Teresa O’Neill was prepared to tell the police… oh need I go on? The woman is totally beyond the pale as is anyone associated with her.

My response to the IPCC’s report is available here.

Olly's apologyFortunately I never criticised DI Marshall personally on Bonkers so I won't have to make a grovelling apology, Olly has already Tweeted his. I have however been very hard on CS Stringer in the past. He failed to keep me informed of developments and it looked as though he had closed down the obscene blog enquiry prematurely. That provoked some dark thoughts but I am beginning to see just how evil, beyond all expectations, Bexley council has been and to appreciate the awkwardness of the Borough Commander’s position.


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