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News and Comment March 2012

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23 March (Part 3) - Four short steps

Cameron, Coulson, NoW, Daniel Morgan
I read somewhere that you can link most people on the planet by taking four or five steps. For example, linking through a former government cabinet member I can connect myself to Her Majesty the Queen in those four steps.

David Cameron the Prime Minister can be linked through his former Director of Communications, Andy Coulson, to the News of the World phone hackers who were well and truly mixed up with the axe murder of Daniel Morgan who was probably on the brink of exposing all the corruption at Catford police station in the nineteen eighties. Andy Coulson had the decency to resign - eventually.

The photo of Daniel and his two children is one you may not have seen in the press, it comes from the family album.

Here’s another four step link…
Johnson, O'Neill, Obscene blog, NoW, Bexley council
Boris Johnson, seeking re-election in May, the apple of his eye, Bexley council leader Teresa O’Neill who gave a false story to Bexleyheath police in an attempt to silence bloggers; who works alongside Bexley’s famed obscene bloggers inside Bexley’s Civic Offices. Boris Johnson is just four steps from one of the biggest scandals that has engulfed a local council since, err well, the last one that engulfed him and Bexley council.

What if the balloon went up just before the election? I can imagine them all scurrying around right now to pervert the course of justice all over again.

I think I should be on the lookout for an axe proof helmet. Daniel Morgan was killed in a Sydenham pub car park exactly 25 years ago and it is the country’s most notorious unsolved crime, linked as it is to corruption at the highest levels of the Metropolitan Police.


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