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News and Comment March 2012

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24 March (Part 2) - Strange behaviour

There are some councillors who one would never suspect of posting an obscene blog. Simon Windle, Steven Hall (I spelled his name right this time!), Alex Sawyer, Val Clark, John Fuller, either of the Bacons, probably not even John Waters or Katie Perrior. They just don’t seem the type. Some of the others probably wouldn’t have a clue how to do it, but that still leaves quite a lot who might have had a hand in it. It may also leave quite a lot who would like to see the culprit hung out to dry along with their leader who has allowed it all to happen on her watch and seemingly attempt a cover up. The thoughts of a few have filtered through via various channels indicating their stance on the matter.

Obviously these fall into two categories. Those who are disgusted and say they are pretty sure they know who did it and those that claim not to have a clue who did it but wished they did.

The odd thing is that one ward has two councillors in the first camp who offer nods and winks but a third who says he hasn’t a clue who did it. You would think three councillors in the same ward would share their information. How come two think they know who did it and the other one says the reverse? Unless of course… perish the thought.

Labour party councillors are excluded from consideration because none have any logical reason to be obscene bloggers.


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