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News and Comment March 2012

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25 March (Part 2) - It’s not about rude words

When I was looking at the huge number of comments made about Olly Cromwell’s incarceration nearly two weeks ago, an unjustifiable arrest instigated by Bexley councillor Philip Read (Conservative, Northumberland Heath) for purely spiteful purposes, I was amazed to see a couple of gullible souls who believed Olly had landed himself in trouble for swearing on line. If that was the case he would have been arrested for it back in October. The charges then, while mistaken, were rather more honest; they were for harassment; basically for making the pitchforks comment and writing on Bonkers. He did neither and it was only when Bexley realised they had no case that they had to manufacture the new charge.

Rude wordsWho takes any notice of rude words these days? As a seven year old I got a good hiding for scratching S H I T in the  earth with a stick but now it’s hard to get away from them. If Busy Body Bauer had gone to the cinema last summer instead of canvassing down Seymour’s road (that is how she recognised the photo of his house) she may have seen the comedy blockbuster ‘Bridesmaids’ which was advertised on the side of nearly every bus at the time. It is more an ‘occasionally mildly amusing’ than a ‘roll on the floor laughing’ sort of comedy and it is peppered with rude words from beginning to end. Take a look at the screenshot from my Blu-ray with the subtitles switched on.

If you go to the cinema regularly you can’t get away from it. If you go on Twitter you should be prepared for it and if you follow Olly, you should expect it. Prosecuting Olly for hitting four over-used letters on his keyboard is utterly stupid - but then that is what Bexley council is all about. That and getting very hot under the collar at the thought that their dirty secrets might be made public by an inquisitive Olly.

The man who innocently started Bexley council on its path to ridicule and possibly future prosecution with a nice line in colourful metaphor is Erith based Hugh Neal who writes a weekly blog entitled Arthur Pewty’s maggot sandwich. I understand he plans to let us into his own thoughts on the Olly saga later today. Take a look at his blog this evening; you should do anyway. It generally makes for a good read; especially if you are inclined to be slightly nerdy about computers and a little intolerant of the sort of people you might want to avoid on a late night train.


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