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News and Comment March 2012

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25 March (Part 3) - Unexpected visitors

It’s the weekend, you are trying to get away from Bonkers and do some DIY and there is a knock on the door. It’s a man, not just any man but a councillor, a Bexley councillor. I know I live within sight of Clockwork Orange territory but this could seriously lower the tone of the neighbourhood, I drag him in quick before the neighbours see. What does he want?

“It wasn’t me.”
“It wasn’t you what?”
“You know, the obscene blog thing.”
“I never said it was you.”
“I know, but you could’ve thought it.”
“That’s true. It could’ve been almost anyone. All I actually know is that at one time the only person to know of my visit to the Civic Centre was Head of Member Services, Chis Loynes and 16 hours later went on line. Everything else is circumstantial. What happened to Chris Loynes anyway?”
“He’s been off sick since just after the blog incident and isn’t likely to come back.”
“It’s not terminal I hope.”
“No, I think it’s worry and stress. Depression, that sort of thing.”
“Oh, sorry. That’s not good, there’s too much of that about. Commoner than you’d think. I hope he gets well soon.”

And so we went on for half an hour or so.

What was that all about then? There’s no point in announcing the name of a councillor who goes on the record to say he isn’t a purveyor of rude words and hate crimes. There’s probably 62 more where this one came from. But should I tell my friend Dave, that is the question? Ah, yes Dave; I forgot to tell you didn’t I. Borough Police Commander Dave Stringer asked Elwyn Bryant and me to go and see him. I’ll have to find time to tell you about that soon, but meanwhile there is DIY to catch up on. Tomorrow maybe.

I do have evidence of the visit but it would reveal the identity of my visitor. Unless he is proven to have told me whoppers it will remain out of sight.


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