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News and Comment March 2012

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27 March (Part 1) - Total War on Crime

Sentencing CouncilThere was another meeting of the Bexley Community Police Engagement Group last night and the subject under discussion was sentencing policy. There were speakers from the Sentencing Council, the London Probation Trust and Bexleyheath police in the shape of Superintendent Gowen. The meeting was ably chaired by Richard Mann of the BCPEG. Interesting though they were I do not intend to cover what was said by the out of borough guests, this site is Bexley-is-Bonkers not the Sentencing Council is Bonkers, not that there was any suggestion that they are, except perhaps their faith in being totally independent of government. Who pays their salaries?

Superintendent Gowen gave us some figures comparing Bexley crime with elsewhere. As you have heard before, it is among the lowest in London. He said that Business Robberies were up 36% on a year ago and Personal Robberies by 11·7% but the numbers were relatively small and the latter was caused by a large scale robbery of many mobile phones from just one bus load of children. Residential Burglary was down 24%. There are fewer than ten reported crimes each year per 1,000 residents in Bexley.

On Motor Crime Bexley was second best to Kingston upon Thames. Mr. Gowen managed to work his Commissioner’s slogan of ’Total War on Crime’ into his talk and not long afterwards councillors Seymour and Downing who had been present got up and left. I was told Read was there and also left but I did not see that for myself.

You are spared more statistics because my hand-out was borrowed by someone who shall be nameless who promptly lost it! The next BCPEG meeting will be at the Civic Offices at 7 p.m. on 28th May. The subject is ‘Preparing for the Olympics’. A guide to holidaying on the cheap overseas perhaps?


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