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News and Comment March 2012

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28 March (Part 1) - Things are getting interesting

The phone rang last Sunday afternoon and it was the police officer in charge of the obscene blog investigation. He said the investigation was now completed and a file had been sent to the Crown Prosecution Service. I didn’t like to tell him that Chief Superintendent Stringer had told me the same thing ten days earlier and I thanked the Detective Sergeant very much.

I haven’t asked who is in the frame because they wouldn’t tell me anyway and I have no more idea as to which of Will Tuckley and Teresa O’Neill’s associates is the chief suspect than you have.

When the investigation was prematurely closed down in August last year a Freedom of Information request seeking information was rejected. Not in the public interest to say anything was the official answer. I suspect it was not in the public interest to reveal that the police had done nothing rather than not in the public interest to give any clues about any well known name that might be involved. The pessimist in me suspects the latest developments will take a similar route.

On the other hand if the evidence has come from Google it will surely point at one source without a lot of scope for doubt. At the meeting with the police officers they indicated pretty strongly that they were in a waiting mode at that time. I have heard from numerous sources that all Google based investigations are sent to the City of London police for processing as they have the expertise and links to Google and there is a waiting list for their assistance.

Whatever the CPS decision, it is real progress. Our top policemen now believe they know who published the obscene blog. They are unlikely to look upon Bexley councillors in the same way they did before. They are not only pretty sure they know who did it, they will know who tried to cover it up; who was economical with the truth during their investigations.

Already the top officers are treating Elwyn Bryant and his fellow Bexley Monitoring Group members (and me) in a noticeably more friendly way. They must have at last realised where the real wrong doers are to be found. At the highest levels within Bexley council.

Indications are that the CPS will make a decision within days rather than weeks and I am sure Olly Cromwell will share in a certain amount of schadenfreude at the thought that somewhere not far away from here someone will be jumping at every knock at the door, and every ring of a phone, fearing that his time has come.

Bexley council: dishonest, incompetent, vindictive. Criminal.


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