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News and Comment May 2012

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1 May (Part 1) - Filiblustering

Council leader Teresa O’Neill spoke for 15 minutes at the last council meeting in order to avoid answering awkward questions, yet again stifling democracy in any way that she can. Three people were unable to hear their question answered after jumping through the several hoops designed to deter them from placing it - having their address put on line by the council etc.

So someone from the Bexley Council Monitoring Group wrote to ask if the council would consider steps to prevent a recurrence. I know none of you would expect a rotten council like Bexley to give the question serious thought and I can see you all now waiting for me to confirm your prediction of a resounding “No”. But you would be wrong.

Bexley council can do far better than that, they refused to accept the question. It is not “within the remit of Members”. They did however concede that a question of “general conduct” might be raised. You can bet your life there will be a complaint about that too; and if you like betting on certainties, you can bet the complaint will be rejected.


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