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News and Comment May 2012

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1 May (Part 3) - Minor updates

Obscene blog
The Detective Sergeant dealing with this matter phoned to say very little. He is always polite and friendly and says he is still accepting advice from the Crown Prosecution Service and assures me that things are going well. Only a cynic will think that the case is on hold because it would be rather unfortunate for council leader Teresa O’Neill to be caught up in a scandal immediately before her good friend stands for another go at being Mayor of London.

Abbey Road flooding

Abbey Road floodThe problem was far worse at 7 a.m. this morning; people living on the south side of the road couldn’t leave their houses without waders or a boat. The water covered the road and the southern footpath. Soon after 9 a.m. a sucker from Bexley council - perhaps I should have rephrased that - was busy pumping the water into its tank and the situation was much improved. Well done whoever sorted that out, but something more permanent is required. It really has been flood hazard for a quarter of a century.

Note: This picture was taken last Sunday and does not show the full extent of today’s footway flooding.

The May blog
I switched to May at around 10 p.m. last night and tested it. As usual some browsers picked it up straight away, others needed their History or Temporary Files deleted. I warned about that in yesterday’s blog. Also as usual I received complaints (three so far) that it is still routing to April.

The way it works is very simple for me to implement, it uses something called a 301 Redirect. Viz.
Redirect 301 /landing.php

The .info domain always routes to - a page that doesn’t actually exist. The ‘301’ Redirection is a small file that sits on the web server waiting to intercept requests for the ‘landing’ page. All I do is change the month in it. There are several ways to achieve the same result. Next month I’ll try a different one, a bit more work for me but maybe it will avoid the problem with browsers showing cached pages rather than the new one.

Note: The site restructuring of 23rd November 2012 outdates the above comments. in February 2015 blog pages adopted a .php suffix.


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