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News and Comment May 2012

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2 May (Part 1) - Imitation is…

The sincerest form of flattery so it is said but it is also potentially dangerous. A phone call this morning asked what I wanted done with my petition against Bexley Cabs. I knew nothing of it and neither did anyone from the Bexley Council Monitoring Group. Maybe it just refers to this website in a confusing manner. I rarely get directly involved in questions, Freedom of Information requests, complaints and petitions, it is simpler just to report them. Having said that, and denied involvement in any petition that may - or may not - claim endorsement, the planning application from Bexley Cabs is very peculiar and some reports are in conflict.

FacebookSome say that the premises have been a cab office before but someone who has known the area for nearly 60 years swears otherwise. The owners are alleged to be saying that the police and local publicans are all for it, but others naming a real policeman and a real publican tell a different story. Where things are beyond doubt is that someone jumped the gun in the expectation of planning permission being a a certainty. Money was spent on equipping the office in February and March. There is a Facebook page devoted to progress. Adverts were placed for staff, you can still find them in Google’s cache.

Job advertWho in their right mind puts in the equipment to run a cab office, gets BT to install a phone line and begins the recruitment process for staff without an assurance that the planning application is to be nodded through? On the other hand the parking situation is not yet resolved and the proprietor has left a trail of failed companies, so maybe he is just not very clever.


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